Renkli Orman Schools is looking to recruit an English teacher

The BBOM İzmir Education Cooperative opened its first school named Renkli Orman Early Education Center, in Yakaköy, Bornova in October 2015 and Renkli Orman Primary School started operating in the 2017-2018 academic year.

Renkli Orman Schools is looking to recruit English teachers with an August start.

Renkli Orman is an ecologic, non-profit school, providing pre and primary school children (aged 3-11) with alternative and democratic education.

If you,

  • are knowledgeable or interested in alternative education
  • enjoy being outdoors and using the outdoors as a learning environment
  • believe in child led learning
  • are able to cater for every child’s right to learn individually and at their own pace
  • are interested in your own professional growth and development as a teacher

please apply for this post by following the below link to complete our application form.
Click to access the form

The ideal candidate must:

  • hold a degree in ELT, or in English but be CELTA and/or DELTA (or equivalent) trained, or hold a master’s in ELT
  • preferably have at least three years experience teaching English to children
  • be a native or fluent speaker of the English language.

Applications will be screened and interviews conducted by the İzmir BBOM Education Cooperative Recruitment Commission. A brief telephone interview will be followed by interviews in person. We offer prospective teachers the opportunity to spend three trial days with us which is a step in the recruitment process.

We strongly advise you to complete all sections of the application form to provide screeners with as much information as possible.

We suggest candidates read carefully the websites of the BBOM Association, İzmir BBOM Education Cooperative and Renkli Orman Schools before applying.


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